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Where Nature Calls and Your Pup Answers
Introducing Eco-Turf, the grassy wonderland where your dog can take care of business the way Mother Nature intended—on real grass! Say goodbye to those plastic pee pads and hello to our green, pee-absorbing marvel. It's like having a mini park in your living room (minus the squirrels). Our grass goes through a spa day of air-drying to shake off those bug buddies and slim down on the mud pies. It's snugly packed in a box that's not just a box but a superhero tray, wax-lined to catch any superhero pee escapes. Available in 3 sizes, because whether your dog is a Chihuahua or a Great Dane, we've got the grassy goods. A heads up: Colors and bugs may vary, but it's all part of the eco-chic charm. Get ready for your dog to be nature's new BFF!

For reference 
Katsu the Shitzu (7kg) is sitting on the Smol
Kuro the Japanese Spitz (12kg) is standing on the Bork

Stock for our Cow grass variant is limited and would sometimes lead to delays.

Carpet vs Cow

Differences Between Carpet Grass and Cow Grass for Poopee's Eco-Turf

Carpet Grass

  • Aesthetic Appeal: Carpet grass has a lush, dense appearance, making it more visually appealing.
  • Base Material: Soil-based, providing a natural and robust foundation.
  • Weight: Heavier, which helps keep the boxes from shifting around, especially if your dog walks or runs over it.
  • Durability: Dries up looking the same, maintaining its aesthetic over time.
  • Maintenance: Easier to clean and maintain due to its dense structure.
  • Comfort: Provides a soft and comfortable surface for dogs.
  • Suitability: Ideal for indoor use where aesthetic and stability are priorities.
  • Environment: Mimics a natural lawn environment closely, which can be more appealing for some dogs.

    Cow Grass
  • Appearance: Slightly more sparse compared to carpet grass.
  • Base Material: Uses a coconut husk base, making it lighter and easier to handle.
  • Weight: Lighter, so the boxes might shift if a dog walks too fast on it.
  • Familiarity: Most common type of grass found in public spaces in Singapore, making it familiar for local dogs.
  • Flexibility: Easier to move and replace due to its lighter weight.
    - Adaptability: Can adapt to different environments but might require more frequent adjustments.
  • Maintenance: Requires more water and sun to keep alive.

    General Points
  • Dog's Preference: Ultimately, the choice between carpet grass and cow grass depends on your dog's preference. Some dogs have a strong preference for one type over the other.
  • Trial and Error: Finding the right grass type for your dog might require some trial and error, similar to how some people can't use public restrooms comfortably.
  • Usability: Both types provide a natural feel, but it's essential to observe your dog's behavior and comfort with each type.
  • Training: Introducing either type might require some initial training to ensure your dog uses it effectively.

By considering these differences and your dog's unique preferences, you can select the best Eco-turf option to ensure comfort and convenience for both you and your pet.

How do I get my dog to use the Eco-turf?

If your dog is already indoor potty trained

  • Cut up a piece of the pee pad that already has your dog’s / any dog's pee and put it under the grass in the Eco-turf box
  • Use a pee inducer spray
  • Remove any other options for peeing around the house (e.g. Pee pads, Carpets, Newspapers etc.)

If your dog is outdoor trained

  • “Walk” your dog in the house to the Eco-turf
  • Put the Eco-turf outside your main door and walk your dog to it with the leash attached, slowly bring it into the house over a few days to weeks
  • Use any of the tips in the indoor potty trained list above

If that still doesn’t work. Reach out and we’ll try to diagnose the issue. 

Why is Bork bork 2 boxes?

Cardboard Limitations:

  • Larger boxes require thicker cardboard.
  • Our current cardboard is at its maximum thickness for foldability.
  • Thicker cardboard can't be folded, making the boxes impractical to produce.

Weight Considerations:

  • Larger boxes with grass would be too heavy.
  • Excessive weight causes the box to cave in, leading to potential messes during delivery or after receipt.

Size and Convenience:

  • Eco-Turf is designed for Singaporean apartments.
  • Smaller boxes are easier to carry, especially in staircases and lifts.
  • They are designed to be manageable for disposal in common rubbish bins.

Practical Solutions for Box Shifting:

  • Use an anti-slip mat underneath the boxes.
  • Press boxes against a wall or furniture to prevent movement.
  • We are developing a clip to secure the boxes together, to be released soon.
  • Smol (60x30cm) / Carpet - $42.50
  • Smol (60x30cm) / Cow - $44.50
  • Bork (60x45cm) / Carpet - $45.00
  • Bork (60x45cm) / Cow - $47.50
  • Bork Bork (60x90cm) / Carpet - $59.50
  • Bork Bork (60x90cm) / Cow - $62.00

Customer Reviews

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My dog used to avoid her pee tray, often holding it in or having accidents on the floor. Ever since we got the eco-turf, she's had no accidents! It has truly transformed our potty training experience. If you're facing similar challenges, you should definitely consider this!

game changer

just got my eco-turf and it’s a game-changer! my shiba, Mochi, took to it like fish to water. super easy to set up and Mochi’s loving it. helps a lot since we’re living on the 25th floor in an HDB and can’t always go down for walks. definitely recommend to all my kakis!